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ZaragozaRoller is the name of the Association of Recreational Inline Skating in Aragon, made up of a group of people familiarized with the world of inline skating and with wide experience in other associations and similar groups.


In April 2009, a small internet forum was born, with the only intention of having a virtual meeting point and being able to enjoy our leisure time together doing something we love: skating.

Little by little the group grew, the forum became too small and the big question was raised:

Why don’t we associate? Why don’t we take advantage of our experience and enthusiasm?

The easiest answer would have been: “no, thank you”, and we could have continued with our small forum, just getting together to skate, with no other complications... But that was not the answer. Our desire was to share it with others.


So, based on the concept that inline skating is a way of having fun, we decided to establish the Association of Recreational Inline Skating in Aragon, with the following goals:

  • Promote activities which encourage recreational inline skating.
  • Promote inline skating as an alternative means of transport and as a way to improve life quality, both physical and mental.
  • Promote personal and multicultural relationships between all those fond of practicing inline skating.
  • Other activities that prove to be beneficial for recreational inline skating.

Our activities are open for everyone, directed to adults, and always developed within the law. Our main activities are the following:

  • The Easy Easy Roller (the "isi" for Spanish friends). As its name implies, it is a very easy route ideal to get started after attending inline skating lessons. It is our Friday skate ride, to end the work week or to start the weekend, as you prefer. The route starts at 20:30 from the “Caballito”, a sculpture that is placed in Plaza de la Lonja, beside Paseo Echegaray y Caballero.
  • The X-Roller. Every Wednesday evening, at 19:30. The route starts also at  the “Caballito”
  • On Sundays we have 3 routes, from the Spanish Pavilion at the Expo at 11.30 am (at 10:30 am, when the heat is pressing):
    • "Square" Wheels: Initiation route.
    • "Worn" Wheels: Intermediate route.
    • Sunday Roller: the long-distance route, not suitable for beginners.
  • Visits to other cities to participate in inline skating events or just to return the visits from other inline skaters.
  • Check the convocations in the forum! (if a route is not published in the section OFFICIAL ROUTES, is because for some reason the route is not convocated that week)


 We look forward to seeing you! Join us!

La Junta Directiva
Asociación de Patinaje Recreativo de Aragón