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If you have arrived here, it means that you are interested in becoming a member of ZaragozaRoller or, at least, you have become curious about the way this association works.

All the activities within ZaragozaRoller are organized by a group of volunteers as a hobby, with no economic compensation, in accordance with our character of non-profit association.

At first glance it might seem a simple task, but our experience tells us that an association generates tasks that, without everybody’s cooperation, can become a burden that makes it stop being a hobby (designing the routes, posting them in the internet, arranging corporate clothing, asking for estimates, leading public relations, managing diffusion in communication media, maintaining the site, organizing travel activities…). In any case, if we are here, it is because belonging to ZaragozaRoller is still a hobby for us, and we want it to continue being so in the future.

On the other hand, the disinterested help of some volunteers dedicating their personal time is not enough to keep active the gears of an association. Some minimum economic resources are necessary (to cover the civil liability insurance, the presence in the internet…). That’s why, as in every association, being a member means paying an annual membership fee, which guarantees that, all together, we can keep enjoying fitness skating within a recognized group identity and in the best safety conditions.

Do I have to become a member to participate in the activities of ZaragozaRoller?

No, you need not if you are not convinced. We are an association in a permanent state of “open doors” for most of our activities.

For this year we have established a registration fee of 32 €, which comprises from January the 1st to December the 31st.

Of course, you are not going to pay the fee for a whole year if you become a member in May the 15th or October the 10th. That’s why we have divided the year in trimesters, so that the registration fees during this year will be the following:

  • Registration during the first trimester (January, February, March): 32 €
  • Registration during the second trimester (April, May, June): 24 €
  • Registration during the third trimester (July, August, September): 16 €
  • Registration during the fourth trimester (October, November, December): 8 €
  • Renewal fee next year: 25€

The initial fee can be paid by a bank transfer to our account (see application form) or through Paypal (see the button in our home page; you must indicate that your “donation” corresponds to a “registration fee”). The renewal fee will be charged directly to your bank account at the end of December. You must indicate your bank account number in the application form.

For example, if you register in ZaragozaRoller July the 23th, your registration fee will be 16 €, through a bank transfer. At the end of the year, the amount of the renewal fee agreed in the General Assembly of the Association, will be charged directly to your bank account.

What benefits do I get access to by being a member of ZaragozaRoller? 

  • The coverage of a public liability insurance in the activities of the Association.
  • Free corporative t-shirt (you must indicate in the application form which is your size). In case of promotion fees, you will be able to profit member’s price for the corporative t-shirt
  • Special discounts:
    • Globalité Fisioterapia y Biomecánica (Arquitecto de la Figuera 2, Zaragoza) PÁGINA WEB
    • Centro Médico de Especialidades Goya (Calle Félix Latassa nº 6 bajo, Zaragoza) PÁGINA WEB
    • Centro Estético Isla Gomera (Calle Isla Gomera, 2, Zaragoza) PÁGINA WEB
    • Lorena Pilates Trainer (Calle Manuel La Sala, nº 12, Local, Zaragoza)
    • Create Make Up (619 20 79 79) PÁGINA WEB
    • Podoactiva: Unidad Quirón Zaragoza (Avenida Gómez Laguna 82, Zaragoza) PÁGINA WEB
    • Fisioterapia Jorge Bernad (C/ Princesa 3, Zaragoza, Tfnos: 876 709 520 - 687 385 915, Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
  • Take advantage of the discounts for associations and clubs identifying yourself with your ZaragozaRoller card in the following shops:
    • Tienda Xtreme (C/ Lacarra de Miguel, 42 -antes Gral. Sueiro-, Zaragoza): 10% discount from 20€ expense PÁGINA WEB
    • Tienda RollerStore (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Local 4, Zaragoza): 10% discount from 50€ expense PÁGINA WEB
    • Tienda Elite Sport (Avda Rioja, nº 6 - Tras, Pamplona) PÁGINA WEB
    • Tienda Inercia (C/ Roger de Flor, 10, Barcelona) PÁGINA WEB
    • Tienda Patinalia (Avenida Icària 180, Barcelona) PÁGINA WEB
  • Association merchandising at member price.
  • Access to members’ private zone in www.zaragozaroller.com.